29 Gennaio 2017Fotografia, 🇬🇧 English

This was supposed to be the first post in a series, covering in english the first year of monthly assignements for BombaCarta. Unfortunately, I was devoured by a number of issues and time constraints, so I couldn’t keep up. If you can speak italian, many reports about the year 2016-17 (including assignements and workshops) are on BombaCarta‘s website. This assignment was given on November 2016 and terminated on December 2016.

Choose your medium

Choose your medium carefully: you will stick to it for the whole year. For writing and photography a clear path will be provided but you are encouraged to experiment with any other form of art as long as you accept the duty to “translate” the assignment accordingly. Some forms of art work better in a group: if you have one, you could consider cinematography or dance for example. This is less obvious and more challenging as it may seem: if you do it, I’d love to know how it goes.


The thin line between the camera and a mirror

19 Settembre 2016Fotografia, 🇬🇧 English

It happened again.

I was reading a post from La Noir Image – specifically this one (paywall) about the photography of Marcello Perino – when I saw a brilliant photo that caught my attention. After a few seconds, my finger moved toward the middle of it and tapped on the trackpad without my brain knowing.

A short conversation between my Brain, my Eyes and my Finger took place shortly thereafter.

Brain: “Hey, what are you doing?”
Eyes: “Mate, I’m watching, can you please be quiet?”
Brain: “It was him, I was paying attention. Finger! What the heck?”
Finger (ashamed): “Er… I was clicking… the ‘like’ button…”
Eyes: “There is no like button, you idiot!”
Brain: “There is no like button, you idiot!”
Eyes: “Can we go back to the photos now, please?”
Brain: “Let’s discuss the Quintessence of the World and other Bigger Issues instead”
Eyes: “Oh, get lost…!”

That made me think (as this intriguing dialogue should prove).