I started surfing in 1994. My first browsers where NCSA Mosaic and Netscape 1.0N and I began developing web pages in the late 90s using the very first versions of HTML.

I developed many websites for no-profit organizations and I still help managing some of them. The management of the entire Internet infrastructure of BombaCarta has been almost a full-time job for many years (mailing lists, websites, podcast, internet accounts, groupware solutions and so on).

I have a basic knowledge of the most common programming languages (Java, C++, Objective-C, Swift) and a good knowledge of some high level languages and frameworks (Javascript, JQuery, Cocoa etc.). I am proficient in PHP, MySQL, WordPress, HTML5 e CSS3.

Even if I’ve been using a Mac since the very beginning, I have a good knowledge of Microsoft and Linux OSs.


I started my own web design/web programming brand in April 2009 and I managed to keep it running until the end of 2016. BehindTheRabbit released many themes for Sandvox (a Macintosh web publishing application) and WordPress (a php blogging and publishing platform).